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National Transportation Statistics

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    Recently Updated Tables by Topic:

    Vehicle, Aircraft, and Vessel Inventory

    • U.S. Automobile and Truck Fleets by Use (1-14)
    • Annual U.S. Motor Vehicle Production and Domestic Sales (1-15)
    • Retail New Passenger Car Sales (1-16)
    • World Motor Vehicle Production (1-23)


    • Age and Availability of Amtrak Locomotive and Car Fleets (1-33)

    Travel and Goods Movement

    • Principal Means of Transportation to Work (1-41)

    System Performance

    • Amtrak On-Time Performance Trends and Hours of Delay by Cause (1-73)

    Multimodal Safety

    • Transportation Fatalities by Mode (2-1)
    • Injured Persons by Transportation Mode (2-2)
    • Distribution of Transportation Fatalities by Mode (2-4)

    Air Safety

    • U.S. Air Carrier Fatal Accidents by Defining Event of Operation (2-11)
    • U.S. Commuter Air Carrier Fatal Accidents by Defining Event of Operation (2-12)

    Highway Safety

    • Passenger Car Occupant Safety Data (2-21)

    Water Safety

    • Waterborne Transportation Safety and Property Damage Data Related to Vessel Casualties (2-45)
    • Waterborne Transportation Safety Data not Related to Vessel Casualties (2-46)

    Transportation Energy Intensity and Fuel Efficiency

    • Energy Intensity of Amtrak Services (4-26)
    • Energy Intensity of Amtrak Services (Loss-adjusted) (4-27)

    Water Pollution, Noise, and Solid Waste

    • Petroleum Oil Spills Impacting Navigable U.S. Waterways (4-54)

    Modal Profiles

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