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Motorcycle Rider Safety Data

Dataset Excel: 

The injury and crash data in this table are from NHTSA's General Estimates System (GES). The data from the GES, which began operation in 1988, are obtained from a nationally representative probability sample selected from all police-reported crashes. The GES sample includes only crashes where a police accident report was completed and the crash resulted in property damage, injury, or death. The resulting figures do not take into account crashes that were not reported to the police or that did not result in property damage. 

Since Vehicle-miles data for 2000 and later years are estimated using enhanced methodology, data for these years are not comparable with prior years or with numbers published in the previous NTS reports. 


KEY: N = data do not exist; R = revised. 


Fatalities, injuries and motorcycle riders (operators) involved in crashes:

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U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Highway Statistics (Washington, DC: Annual Issues), table VM-1, and similar tables in earlier editions, available at as of Oct. 22, 2018.