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Figure 2-3 Use of Transportation by the Natural Resources and Mining Sector, 2016 (current dollars, billions)


In-house transportation consists of transportation services (air, rail, truck, and water) provided by nontransportation industries for their own use. For-hire transportation consists of the services provided by transportation firms to industries and the public on a fee-basis. Airlines, railroads, transit agencies, common carrier trucking companies, and pipelines are examples of for-hire transportation industries. 
“Other"" for-hire transportation includes: Transit and passenger ground transportation (excluding State and local government passenger transit); Pipeline; Sightseeing transportation and transportation support; Parcel delivery, courier, and messenger services (excluding U.S. Postal Service); Warehousing and storage; and Other transportation and support activities.


U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Transportation Satellite Accounts, available at as of March 2018.