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The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century1 charged the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) with compiling, analyzing, and publishing a comprehensive set of transportation statistics, including information on:

  • productivity in various parts of the transportation sector;
  • traffic flows;
  • travel times;
  • vehicle weights;
  • variables influencing traveling behavior, including choice of transportation mode;
  • travel costs of intracity commuting and intercity trips;
  • availability of mass transit and the number of passengers served by each mass transit authority;
  • frequency of vehicle and transportation facility repairs and other interruptions of transportation service;
  • accidents;
  • collateral damage to the human and natural environment;
  • the condition of the transportation system; and
  • transportation-related variables that influence global competitiveness.

For this report, BTS has added three additional topics: transportation and economic growth, government transportation finance, and transportation energy. Each of these topics is represented by a series of key indicators. Data tables supporting all the indicators are in appendix B at the end of the report. Appendix table numbers correspond to the figures numbers in this chapter.

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1 49 U.S. Code 111(c)(1).

Updated: Saturday, May 20, 2017